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May 6, 2012
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nouveGnomeGray by tsujan nouveGnomeGray by tsujan
This is a light gray icon set for GNOME, to be used with dark GTK themes. I made it based on my other icon set, nouveGnome… , and for dark GTK themes. Its icons are designed for use against sufficiently dark backgrounds.

nouveGnomeGray depends on the GNOME icon theme, which is provided by the package gnome-icon-theme in Debian-based systems.

Recent Changes:

8 Dec 2014
Several new (status/apps) symlinks and icons.

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DevyGrl Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
Thank you tsujan
DevyGrl Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
Hi tsujan,

For the network icons, my understanding is if they follow " Compliant Names", then they'll work...

thank you again for your work! :)
tsujan Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
The Gnome icon theme should follow that standard and I used exactly the same names.
However, I'll look into that later. Now I'm quite busy with Kvantum.
DevyGrl Featured By Owner Edited Dec 9, 2014
Well I'm saying logo, because some developers didn't create an icon, but there's a logo on the website as
an example, but some of these logos are being used in other iconsets as icons too...

And I'm assuming for the developers that didn't make a icon, but made a logo on their website, this would then be
the icon they'd use if they made one.

So I'm confused by usable icon, if you're going to create the icon from a logo look a developer uses?

As far as Network icons, Openbox doesn't use anything, because Openbox, doesn't have a network application.
So depending on the network app you choose, this is the one that is going to load the icons.

AwOken has wicd icons, these are all the names Wicd uses; (But alot of the names are symlinks so I'd recommend downloading AwOken to look at them)

Since I'm using CMST now, I'll check and see what it uses...

Thanks again tsujan
DevyGrl Featured By Owner Edited Dec 9, 2014
Hi tsujan,

Oh sorry for not explaining better, I'm not unsatisfied, I'm very happy, thank you.

Yes bloat I can understand, I'm a longtime Slacker that only runs Openbox.

Yes I logged out and the icon cache was updated as well, but still Wifi icons don't load...

In Openbox I use either Wicd, or CMST. CMST is a QT5 gui for connman, you can find it here;

Also as a longtime Slacker I pretty much know what all the common icons look like for most applications in Linux, so
this is why I wanted to share with you these others, that either don't have icons, or the authors have icons for them, instead
of linking to other icons as you mentioned to create less bloat, but doing this, then they don't have much distinction, or originality.

Also if the developer(s) didn't create an icon or app.desktop file, you don't want to create an original icon for them?

The reason I mentioned SpaceFM is because the 'House' is used as the Home button in applicaitons, as I'm sure you know,
so this just makes SpaceFM look like a Home button icon, this is the reason I mentioned using the Developers icon.

Here's a link to the SpaceFM icon, I took from the package;…

Conky does not have a app.desktop file, or icon, so this would be the first time for it, that is why I showed it's mascot logo at their site.…

Feh has a app.desktop file, but the developer uses the name FEH as you see on their site in the upper left in red color, this is why I mentioned the favicon instead....

The icon you are using for Feh is typical for the Eye of Gnome, pdf viewers, and other searching apps, so I mentioned it, in case you wanted to give it something
more original and use that
favicon instead.

OpenVPN doesn't have a app.desktop file, but this is their logo;…

For Xfce the only reason I mentioned this is because the rat is their logo, so it's not techically correct, because

xfce4-notifyd has it's own icon.…

Thanks tsujan, you're doing an awesome job, really appreciated!!! :)
tsujan Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014

> I'm not unsatisfied, I'm very happy...
I'm glad to know that :)

> if the developer(s) didn't create an icon or app.desktop file, you don't want to create an original icon for them?...
No, because even if I had time to do so, it would be completely futile. An icon set should consist of USABLE icons, not logos.

I might change the SpaceFM and xfce4-notifyd icons. And if you tell me the exact names of WIFI icons under Openbox, I'll add them too.

DevyGrl Featured By Owner Edited Dec 8, 2014
WOW this was fast...

The Network this looks good for Wired connections, and I see you have some WiFi icons, but they don't get loaded when I use the WiFi.

For OpenVPN, PCSX2, PCSXR, Snes9x and Xkill I will show you the logos for these below...

For Conky It would be nice if you could make the icon from the Conky logo;…

Feh has it's own icon, it's the favicon;…

OpenVPN logo;…

PCSX2 logo;…

PCSXR logo;…
Just make it a Playstation Controller is all you need...

Snes9x uses the super nintendo logo, this one below is HUGE, hehe;…

SpaceFM has a really nice icon with the Box and House in it, you think this is to hard to make?…

Your xfce4-notifyd icons of the Rat looks really nice, but to be technically correct, the Rat is the logo of XFce.
xfce4-notifyd is a whistle and the rat together.
Here's the xfce4-notifyd logo;…

Xkill is typically just an X or Skull & Crossbones...

Thanks for the AWESOME work! :)
tsujan Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014

The namings of the network icons are all that of Gnome. Please give me the exact names of the WIFI status icons in the gtk-based DE you use! BTW, did you log out and in or updated the icon cache (if you use any) after updating the set?

I know about the logos. The problem is what the actual app or its desktop file uses. As just one example, in all distros I know of, Conky doesn't have any desktop file and there's nothing in its code about an icon.

You seem unsatisfied with SpaceFM and xfce4-notifyd icons. My policy has been not bloating the set with unnecessary icons but using symlinks as far as possible. In many cases, I even don't imitate the original icons but use some that convey the concepts clearly enough.

DevyGrl Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
WOW fast reply, AWESOME!

I can't wait to see the new icons!

keep up the great work! :)
tsujan Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014

I updated the set. Are network icons OK for you now?

Some of the apps you mentioned (OpenVPN, PCSX2, PCSXR, Snes9x and Xkill) had no icons. Some others had icon paths in their desktop files and might still use their own icons although the nouveGnomeGray ones exist.

I rely on feedbacks like yours to make this set more complete. So, don't hesitate to tell me if some icons are still missing and please give me their exact names.

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