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March 14, 2013
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nouveKDEGray by tsujan nouveKDEGray by tsujan
nouveKDEGray is a gray KDE icon set designed for use ONLY with sufficiently dark color schemes. With dark styles, it can change the look and feel of KDE considerably. It also includes a lot of extra places icons, that can be used to distinguish special folders.

Nonnative apps may not use KDE icons for the task manager or tray, some apps have nonstandard desktop files, and some others have built-in icons. Nothing can be done for such apps in the theme.

Latest Changes:

Jan 29 2014


Users of OpenSUSE may especially find this update interesting:

Made a lot of symlinks for OpenSUSE's categories.

Added a few app icons.

Made some symlinks and icons for kipi (it should be fully covered now).

Added a few action icons for KTorrent.

Changed the inherited theme from hicolor to oxygen.

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av9817 Feb 5, 2014  New member
You should add a Spotify icon ;)

Good work!
I'll add an icon for Spotify with the next update; it doesn't do any harm ;)
Thanks man. I love your icons and they are going to stay on my Manjaro for a long time.
Oh yes! And another one for Google Chrome would be great, even if is the same of the one for Chromium.
Very nice icons.  Thanks a lot !

A suggestion : apps/application-x-clementine

And I don't know exactly the reason but in konqueror and dolphin, when the forward/backward buttons are inactive/mouseovered, a default icon appears (a blue kde gear)

But again, great work here !

Thank you for telling me about "apps/application-x-clementine"! I'll make a symlink for it with the next update. For now, you could do that with this command in all apps folders and then recreate the icon cache:

ln -s clementine.png application-x-clementine.png

The forward/backward button issue doesn't happen here. The versions of Konqueror, Dolphin and KDE are all 4.11.3 here.

Wonderful icon theme, thanks for constantly updating. May I suggest some missing icons, for: folder icon for documents, for folder_html, in structured applications menu: package_applications, package_development, package_development_tools, package_education{_tools,_teaching,_art}, package_edutainment{_astronomy,_chemical,_geography}, package_games{_*}, etc. Thanks in advance!
Recently I installed OpenSUSE on VirtualBox and saw what you said: OpenSUSE has its customized KDE with its own icon names for categories. I'll add symilnks for (most of) them with the next update.

BTW, if you told me you use OpenSUSE, I would do that sooner.

After searching for the icons you mentioned, I found that they belong to Gnome or other GTK-based environments, not to KDE. In KDE, the names are different and the corresponding icons are all included.

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